Grants & Open Calls

Grants & Open Calls
STSM (Short-Term Scientific Mission) is a visit of a host organization located in a different country than the country of applicant’s affiliation with the aim to carry out specific work during a determined period of time.
Inclusiveness Target Country (ITC) Conference Grants. ITC Conference Grants provide financial support for participation in high-level conferences organised by third parties.
Financial support for participation in high-level conferences organised by third parties to give an oral presentation to promote the Action. Grant Applicants are Action participants.
Financial support to assess and implement a strategy for virtual activities inside the network in order to achieve the objectives of the Action. For examples of possible VNS activities, please see the Annotated Rules for COST Actions.
Financial support as a contribution to cover eligible expenses carried out to organise an approved COST Action event. Both the LO and GH shall follow their national and institutional financial and legal rules. Please refer to the Annotated Rules and the Action participation Compendium for the list of expenses eligible to be covered by the grant.
The complete Grant Awarding System Action document and open call are consultable on the website repository. We welcome manifestations of interest for Local Organisers for events for the next Grant Period.