LOS: Local Organiser Support

LOS: Local Organiser Support

Local Organiser Support

Financial support as a contribution to cover eligible expenses carried out to organise an approved COST Action event. Both the LO and GH shall follow their national and institutional financial and legal rules.

Please refer to the Annotated Rules and the Action participation Compendium for the list of expenses eligible to be covered by the grant.

LO are legal entities participating to the Action, the different activities may take place as listed in the table:

Meetings Training Schools and other networking activities
Virtual Environment
Cost Members Full or Cooperating Members
Partner Member
IPC/Third State
Specific Organizations Rule applicable to territory where it is vested

LOS grant amount calculation

The calculation of the Local Organiser Support is determined by:

  • The format of the Action event (face-to-face, hybrid or virtual);
  • The number of unique participants who were invited on e-COST and signed the attendance list and/or appear on the virtual log (all invited participants can be considered for calculating the LOS, independently of their eligibility status to receive reimbursement from the COST Action)
  • The duration of the event.

On that basis, the maximum Local Organiser Support grant amount is as follows:

Total unique Participants for the entire duration of the event LOS Grant for a COST face to face / hybrid event lasting:
1 day 2 days 3 days or more
Min. 1-max. 25 participants EUR 1000 EUR 2000 EUR 3500
26-50 participants EUR 2000 EUR 4000 EUR 6000
51-100 participants EUR 4000 EUR 6000 EUR 8500
101-200 participants EUR 6000 EUR 8500 EUR 10000

Local Organiser Support Grant amount for virtual meetings:

Total unique Participants for the entire duration of the event LOS Grant for a COST virtual event lasting
1 day event 2 days event 3 days event or more
Min. 1-max. 25 EUR 350 EUR 700 EUR 900
26-50 EUR 900 EUR 1500 EUR 3000
51-100 EUR 2500 EUR 3500 EUR 4500
101-200 EUR 3500 EUR 5500 EUR 7000

Administrative requirements for the Local Organiser

The Local Organiser Support grant shall always be paid into an institutional bank account and never into a personal bank account. The Local Organiser Support grant shall be paid after the event has taken place and the attendance list and/or virtual meeting attendance logs have been uploaded in e-COST.

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