WG4 Training School “Best practices in communication” – LO: Turkey, 16-17 March 2022

WG4 Training School “Best practices in communication” – LO: Turkey, 16-17 March 2022

Day 1. Social media communication training within an interdisciplinary team, discussion and exchange on how to involve young members to master social media accounts and open social media accounts in local languages.

Day 2. Local communication and different tools for dissemination. Discussion on how to organise the preparation of dissemination material for the Action and dedicated session on “How to create a plan for distribution of material in your country” and reach local media. Work in small groups to create example on how advertise and communicate at local level.

For info regarding the Training School “Best practices in communication” contact the LO Füsun Akgül [Contact form to Füsun email]


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